Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Busan Aquarium

After a 30 minute ride on the Busan Metro - an efficiently organized system of underground railways, we arrived in Haeundae Beach, one of Busan's most famous points and the beach you will most commonly see when you search for "Busan" on Google images. A coastal town, Haeundae beach reminded me of a mix between Belmar, Coney Island, and the Seaport area of Manhattan. Haeundae, much like all of the happening spots in Busan that I've seen so far, is packed with street merchants offering delicious local foods, restaurants, both foreign and local, the latter showcasing their aquatic offerings in tanks in front of the restaurant (a common sight around these parts), and a multitude of bars and other spots of interest.

Before I go on I almost forgot to mention the station from which we departed, Seomyeon. Seomyeon is not really something that can be accurately described in words. Located underneath the Lotte Department store - a 9 story building offering everything from vacuums, laptops, fine clothing, sporting goods, and housewares, to foods from all around the world and a nice market on the bottom floor - this station stop is an underground labyrinth of stores, restaurants, and bars, decorated with stone and marble, and showcasing a complete stone replica of the Fountain of Trevi.This stop alone provides one with at least half a day of things to see while wandering aimlessly. Back to the aquarium...

The Busan Aquarium!
Entirely underground, this aquarium is not the biggest in the world, but offers a number of amazing attractions including a massive cylindrical jellyfish tank and an even bigger shark / sting-ray tank with a glass tunnel that allows you to walk right through the center of it...definitely not someone one would be able to see everyday. Other attractions include:

The Wife next to a shark
 The Ancient Shark Jaw
 The Ugly, Grumpy Fish
 The Snoring Otter
 The Random Fish Tank (with curious Turtle)
 And the Shark through the side of the building
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